a cinema of moments:

your arm around my shoulders,

the song in the car,

meeting you the first time,

like i had known you my whole life,

our first night in our own place,

then you needed space,

the lonely nights in between,

the highs and the hurts,

replay and rewind





freeze frame.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 10.56.32 PM.png


i’m listening

lovers love

and the liars will lie;

tell me i’m wrong,

and tell me you’re mine

it doesn’t matter

things change

i wonder how it would feel

if they stayed the same

it doesn’t matter anyway

you’ll fade to gray

i’ll go my way

just enough space

for me on my own

only light can stay

the morning

i awake in your arms

prisms of us

shining through the tiny crack

of the windows;

the only light

in this dark, cold, basement

…and we call it home

rather be

forgive me if i’m wrong

but i’d rather be wild,

and messed up,

pulsating, heart pounding,

hands grasping, lungs gasping,

tears rolling,


and confused

with you.

to my inner child

i know,

skinned knees

never hurt as much

as the pain that being left out

could ever bring


and no one ever told you

“you don’t need them”

words you needed to hear

so badly because

you didn’t know


the weight that you carried

all on your own,

never wholeheartedly believing

that anyone could ever

accept you, as you are


chin up, little one;

although your heart

still feels heavy,

you’re ready now

to fall deeply,



in love with

the beautiful one,

who is  Y o u .


we burn out

hard and bright

a thousand different colours

exploding at the same time

reaching for your fingertips

you slip away

into the vast,

infinite night

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